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Subtle Touch | Lindsey & Pouch

“A sweet baby girl came over today
And ahh, you should have heard the people say,
Now isn’t she just the most beautiful child,
With the messy curly hair and that sweet little smile!”

I have never met a cuter child. This little girl is full of joy, laughter and energy. I wanted to steal her for myself but I snapped a few pictures instead. I enjoyed my photo session with this adorable family.

Maiya | Sneak Peek

“Ten little fingers,
Ten tiny toes,
The sweetest of smiles
And a cute little nose.

All these add up To a very special thing
A baby; the greatest of gifts That life can bring”

My very first newborn/baby shoot. At first I was intimidated by how small Maiya was but she was still so very adorable. After getting passed my initial intimidation we ended up with a amazing session.  I am delighted to have had this experience.